Below are some of the more frequently asked questions that clients have about projects for their home.

1. Are you insured?

yes, Advance Home Remodelers is fully insured with Country Companies

2. Do you give free estimates?

yes, we do free estimates on projects,and non- emergency repairs

3. Will you install a door If I purchase it?

yes ,we can and we will even pick it up for you.

4.Do you do your own work or sub it out?

Yes, we do all of our work, you call us and you deal directly with the owners start to finish.

5. We can not afford to do the whole job,can we have you do a little at a time,as our budget allows?

Yes, we can do a little now and more when budget allows,and we will even guide you as to what order things should be done so the final finished product turns out perfect.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Keep those dryer Vents lint free 

Schedule yours along with 3 neighbors for same day( and get yours done for half price.)

Speed up those drying times and prevent a fire